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Pam Anderson

Pam Anderson

On today’s edition of ‘The Wendy Williams Show‘ (nationally syndicated, check your local listings) Wendy gave her take on the fact that her “friend in her head” Pamela Anderson is gracing the pages of Playboy yet again at the age of 43 to celebrate her 20th anniversary of being ‘Playmate of The Year,’ saying, “Pam, you look like road kill…it’s fabulous that you’re 43, listen – just a mess.”  Also on today’s show, former NBA player and ‘Celebrity Rehab’ star Dennis Rodman stopped- as you may have heard Rodman made headlines this weekend when he was allegedly kicked out of a California hotel for being drunk and disorderly.  His interview which taped in advance (October 11) touches upon his struggle to stay sober.

Wendy on Pam Anderson’s Playboy spread:

W: Hey, listen. Guess who’s posing for Playboy again? After posing for Playboy, being a cover girl 11 times, to celebrate her 20th anniversary of being playmate of the year. Pam, you look like road kill. Take that in the best way. It’s fabulous that you’re 43, listen– just a mess . Look, you’re one of my original friends in my head, you know why? Cause we have boys and our boys play together and we stand on the sidelines and talk about stuff—in my head. But you’re 43-years-old, the magazine is coming out in January [2011] if you [viewers] still care, nobody cares about your nakedness anymore, everybody’s getting naked these days. And guess what? Good luck, Pam. That wasn’t mean, was it? Come on, I was saying what you all were thinking.  Give me a break, Pam. Nobody cares.

Dennis Rodman On Trying To Stay Sober:

W: Well, you know when last I saw you publicly on TV was ‘Celebrity Rehab’ [VH1] so you know, how are you doing with your struggle with sobriety?

D: It’s not too bad. It’s not too bad. I mean it’s very difficult to party for such a long time and really give it up like that.

W: So what you’re saying is you don’t get nice every day. Only sometimes?

D: Well I mean it’s not really a struggle I mean it depends upon the individual if they want to do it or not. You just can’t go into a program and get sober, get sober in 30 days. It doesn’t work that way. You have to go in and do all these counseling sessions and stuff like that and once you’re in the program you meet the most weirdest people in the world.

W: Let me ask you something because I know that you’re DJ-ing now. You’re DJ-ing around the world and stuff. I heard that you were in Ibiza and you know many have struggled with sobriety in the past you know so I am you, but Ibiza is 24-hour partying and DJing at a night club is putting you right in the center of the storm.

D: Well, I own nightclubs, so when I became sober like five years ago I did it for 18 months and I owned nightclubs and I just went in there every night and did my thing and just blocked it out. And after awhile it just comes to a point where you say, ‘oh, well I can go out and have a couple drinks here and there you know.’ Most of us have done that, right? And so I can have a glass of wine today and maybe have a joint tomorrow. No, I don’t do that. I’m just saying you know just in general just to be real…I mean like I said I don’t lie about anything I do so you know every once in awhile I can’t lie about it every once in awhile I have joint or a drink or so here and there but like I said it’s one of life’s type of things where it takes a long, long time to really get a grasp to it. And it may even take you to be a little older, wealthier and wiser to understand how to get a grip to it.

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