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Isaac Mizrahi and Martha Stewart are seen during the production of "The Martha Stewart Show" in New York on Monday, December 20, 2010. Photo: David M. Russell/The Martha Stewart Show

Host of Bravo’s ‘The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection’ and popular fashion designer, Isaac Mizrahi ate some humble pie on THE MARTHA STEWART SHOW (Hallmark Channel, 10 AM ET/9 AM C – same day encore airing, 2 PM ET/next day airing, 1 PM ET). As an avid baker, Isaac made the erroneous claim “I do not need Martha Stewart to show me how to bake pie crust…” then he joined Martha in the kitchen to do just that, with a lesson on baking a Peppermint Candy Cake.  While profusely admitting he was in the wrong saying, “I DO need you Martha! I do!,” Isaac proved his trust in Martha’s skills stating, “She knows every single thing. If you ask her anything, about chocolate, or chickens, or cows…or how to grow grass.  She knows.”

On Martha having the answers to everything:

Isaac Mizrahi:  Here’s the thing about Martha…She knows every single thing. If you ask her anything about chocolate, or chickens, or cows, or something, or how to grow grass.  She knows every answer to every question. She knows!

Martha Stewart: Oh grass, how did you know about that? I have been goggling all weekend on how to grow good hay for my horses.

IM: Really? What is hay? I didn’t even know you grow hay!

On Isaac thinking about men:

IM: I never know how much things are! Once I was talking about a sweater to a friend and I said ‘Oh, I don’t know its not that expensive…it’s 800 dollars, or 1200 dollars, or maybe 1600 dollars.’

MS: Oh yes, not that expensive.

IM: Well, she says ‘Well which is it, 800 dollars, or 1600 dollars?’

MS: Think of every man.

IM: All I do is think of every man!

On Isaac negating his own weight:

MS: Just put that on (placing pan on the scale) and its now on zero, see. You have to negate the weight.

IM: I wish there was a way of doing this with my own weight, ya know, like negate part of the weight.  Would that be great if there was a button, like negate please!

Isaac on the Real Housewives appearing on ‘The Fashion Show’:

MS: So you had the Real Housewives on?

IM: Yup, the real ones.

MS: How did they do designing for them?

IM: They did well, I think they were a little insane, a little intimidated by those ladies. Because they have opinions. But it’s good because, trust me, when you work with clients (pointing at Martha), they always have opinions.

MS: Oh really? That’s why you get paid the big bucks, to put up with them.

On Isaac being on Weight Watchers and Martha’s cake:

IM: I have to taste this Marts!  I can’t just make it, I have to taste it. I saved some Weight Watchers points for this segment.

MS: You are on Weight Watchers?

IM: Yes, but you can’t tell, I know.

MS: You always look good!

IM: Well it’s the holidays, not a good time to diet, I’m sorry about that.

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